Wednesday, December 15, 2010

pesanan utk wanita di luar sana..

Please inform all your daughters, family, wife, husband, children, mother, even.. grandmother for their protection.. Message from the Kuala Lumpur Police department..

Police Message: Coke + Ajinomoto = Can be Used To Rape Ladies

DO YOU KNOW? Coke + Ajinomoto = Can be Used To Rape Ladies

I received a news about the recent tactic used to spike girls' drink..

It is a cheap and widely used method..

This method was used in Canny Ong murder..

Rapist uses this method..

Coca-cola + ajinomoto/monosodium glutamate = a medicine which will cause drowsiness and excitement in the victim..

This mixture is poisonous if used too often on the victim..

Please send this to all your female friends, sisters, & your loved ones and ask them to beware..

DO NOT accept coca-cola or any other drinks from stranger / even
if it is your friend that you are not very close with..


Hishamuddin Alias ( ASP )
Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Berat
IPK Kuala Lumpur

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